Birth Doula Support

Please note:  I am currently not taking new birth doula clients. 

That said, I believe the following information is still really important for anyone considering hiring a doula…

You will remember your baby’s birth for the rest of your life — there is no better time to have as much support, care, and information as possible to guide you along the way.  I have heard families refer to birth doulas as “a tour guide in a foreign country” or “the equivalent of a wedding planner, who helped us with everything on our big day”.  I think those are both great explanations of why having a birth doula is so important.  I would add that part of becoming a parent is learning how to ask for help and rely on others, and requesting the support of a birth doula allows you to do just that.

In addition, if you are hoping to reduce the number of interventions during your birth, having a doula has been shown to have a significant impact on the rates of labor interventions. The Cochrane Collaboration (an independent organization dedicated to providing up-to-date, accurate information about healthcare practices) concluded that all women should have support throughout labor and birth. In their analysis of continuous support for women during childbirth they found that women who received continuous one-on-one labor support were:

  • less likely to use pain medications
  • more likely to give birth spontaneously (without forceps or vacuum assistance)
  • less likely to have a Cesarean birth
  • more likely to be satisfied with their birth

When I examine the statistics from my clients’ births, I find similar outcomes:

  • 17% induction rate vs. a national average* of 49%
  • 34% epidural rate vs. a national average* of 76%
  • 10% Cesarean rate vs. a national average* of 33%

(* As depicted in the Listening to Mothers II national survey)

These research-based and anecdotal statistics support what I have always known about my work as a doula — it truly does impact the birth and make a difference for the whole family!  In our culture, where most expectant families have never witnessed a birth and where our rates of (sometimes unnecessary) interventions are skyrocketing, doulas play an incredibly important role in helping improve birth experiences and outcomes.

Birth doulas play many roles during labor:  answering questions, providing emotional support, assisting with comfort measures, taking photos, supporting you in making informed decisions, and ultimately helping you to have the best birth possible!

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By providing necessary information and support, doulas also free up the dad/partner to focus on loving the laboring woman like nobody else can!  For more information on dads and doulas, check out this article on the DONA International website.


I wish you a beautiful birth and all the support you need during your transition to parenthood!  Please go to my Resources page for information on local birth doulas who I highly recommend you consider for your birth.