When Survivors Give Birth

There’s a great quote by Barbara Katz Rothman that I think especially applies to women with a history of abuse or trauma:  


Birth is not only about making babies.  Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable

mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength


We know that a woman who feels empowered during her pregnancy and birth will often bond better with her baby, experience less postpartum depression, and move into motherhood with increased confidence and strength. For a woman who is a childhood sexual abuse or  trauma survivor, this can be even more important… her ability to feel empowered during pregnancy and birth can also heal deep wounds from her past.  This potential for so much healing is what brings me to my work with pregnant and postpartum abuse and trauma survivors, and I feel honored to assist my clients in such an important way.


I have spent years as a social worker, birth doula, psychotherapist, and trauma consultant working with pregnant and postpartum abuse and trauma survivors, and have learned a lot from my clients about maternity care practices and how they can affect survivors during pregnancy and birth.  I have also completed a training program with Penny Simkin, PT and Phyllis Klaus, MFT, coauthors of the book When Survivors Give Birth.   I now specialize in working with pregnant childhood sexual abuse and other trauma survivors, and offer the following services designed to help survivors heal before, during, and after their birth:


For more information on any of these offerings, please click on the appropriate link above.  And please feel free to Contact Me if you want more information on how I can support you in your healing journey.