Consultations for Professionals

I believe it is incredibly important to support pregnant women who are childhood sexual abuse or other trauma survivors in healing their past and preparing for their birth / motherhood journey in a meaningful and intentional way.  Although addressing a history of abuse or trauma may not seem like what your clients envision doing during their pregnancy, for a survivor to use this transformative time in her life to heal and prevent further traumatization can be life-altering for her as a woman and a mother.  To that end, one of the ways I support women in this healing work is through offering consultations for professionals who serve pregnant, birthing, and postpartum women…


No doubt, you have worked with some challenging clients.  We all have.  When those clients are childhood sexual abuse or other trauma survivors, it can be helpful to discuss the issues that are arising (for your client or yourself) with another professional who specializes in this work.  I offer 30-or 60-minute consultations to other professionals who need some new ideas, are feeling stuck, or are noticing their own triggers coming up and needing support in how to better serve a particular client (or two).  These consultations can be in-person at my office in Boulder, CO or via phone or Skype.

I sometimes have professionals ask to consult with me right after attending a From Trauma to Triumph Foundational Training, when they suddenly realize the many things they could do differently or better with a particular client, but don’t know where to start.  

I have also had professionals ask to consult with me prior to attending a training, when they are desperate for more information but haven’t yet been able to attend a training.

 If you are needing specific information on how to serve a particular client, the consultation is the right path for you.  If you haven’t yet attended a From Trauma to Triumph training, and don’t want to wait for the next one in your area, my newly released From Trauma to Triumph: When Survivors Give Birth Foundational Training Video might be a better path for you.  Regardless of whether you decide to do a consult or attend/view a training, I applaud your desire to learn more about this important topic and ultimately better serve your clients!


My rate for a one-hour professional consultation is $110 (a 30-minute consultation is $55). I offer a sliding-scale to professionals who are serving low-income clients, as a way to further support their work.  Please Contact Me me if you want further information on my professional consultations, or click the button below to schedule a consultation.