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Foundational Training Video

Whenever I schedule a When Survivors Give Birth Training, I often hear from a handful of people who say they would love to attend, but the timing doesn't work for their schedule or they live out of the area and can't make it.  I am dedicated to training other professionals in how to more effectively serve folks with a history of trauma, so a few years ago I realized it was time to record one of my Foundational Trainings for professionals anywhere, anytime to learn from.

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Through this video, you can learn some of the most important information on how to better serve pregnant and birthing childhood sexual abuse survivors, without having to leave your home or office.

The video costs $75 and includes the PowerPoint presentation from the training. If after watching the video you realize that you want more training in working with trauma survivors, please go to my Trainings page to see if there is a virtual or local training in your area soon. Also, feel free to contact me to talk about hosting a training in your area.


Please note that depending on your internet speed, the download could take a few hours. Please contact me if you have any difficulty downloading or viewing the video.  Otherwise, I hope this video serves as an integral part of your learning.


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