Professional Consultations

No doubt, you have worked with some challenging clients or patients. We all have. When those clients are childhood sexual abuse or other trauma survivors, it can be especially helpful to discuss the issues that are arising (for you or your client) with a professional who specializes in this work. I offer 30- or 60-minute phone or video consultations to practitioners who are are feeling stuck, or are noticing their own triggers coming up, and are wanting to get more information on how to better serve their clients.


I sometimes have professionals ask to consult with me right after attending one of my trainings, when they realize the many things they could do (or have done) differently with a particular client or patient. I have also had professionals ask for a consultation prior to or in lieu of attending a training, when they realize they're needing more insight and support about working with trauma in pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

No matter where in the process you are, if you are needing information on how to serve a particular client or want support around your experience of working with survivor clients, a professional consultation is the right path for you.  Alternatively, if you are looking for more information on working with pregnant and birthing childhood sexual abuse survivors, but don't want to wait to attend a live training, please check out my From Trauma to Triumph: When Survivors Give Birth Foundational Training Video .  Regardless of whether you decide to do a professional consultation or download the training, I applaud your desire to learn more about this important topic and ultimately better serve your clients!


My rate for a one-hour professional consultation is $130. I offer a sliding-scale to professionals who are serving BIPOC and low-income clients, as a way to support this important work. Please contact me if you want to schedule a professional consultation.

Old Fashioned Telephone
Old Fashioned Telephone
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