I believe it is incredibly important to support pregnant women who are childhood sexual abuse or other trauma survivors in healing their past and preparing for their birth / motherhood journey in a meaningful and intentional way.  Although addressing a history of abuse or trauma may not seem like what you envision doing during your pregnancy, for a survivor to use this transformative time in her life to heal and prevent further traumatization can be life-altering for her as a woman and a mother.  To that end, one of the ways I support women in this healing work is through offering a two-hour workshop for pregnant childhood sexual abuse survivors…


Because childbirth can often retrigger previous abuse or trauma, it is extremely important for childhood sexual abuse survivors to prepare for their birth with specific attention to their history.  This workshop allows participants the opportunity to understand more about how childhood abuse can affect pregnant and birthing women, learn about some of the most common maternity triggers, and begin to envision what they need during their birth in order to avoid or lessen those potential triggers. 

I base much of the workshop on the book When Survivors Give Birth by Penny Simkin, PT and Phyllis Klaus, MFT.   If you are a pregnant childhood sexual abuse survivor, and are looking to have a repatterning birth experience, this workshop and/or the book will be an important part of your healing.


Please note: this workshop is not designed to be a process group about childhood sexual abuse.  There will, however, be the opportunity for participants to tell their stories and relate their past experiences to fears they may have about their upcoming birth.

This workshop is typically held for two-hours on a weekend afternoon and costs $50.  If you attend the workshop and realize you would like to do additional one-on-one work with me, you may credit half of the workshop cost towards an individual consultation.


I typically schedule this workshop based on request; if you are interested in attending an upcoming workshop please Contact Me for additional information.